Moeses Fiamoncini

“Passion and self-improvement define the lifestyle of Moeses Fiamoncini, 39, climber. After living in Portugal for six years, the former business administrator gathered everything he needed in a backpack and decided to explore the world. Since then, he has toured over 80 countries, has lived in four nations on different continents (United Kingdom, Canada, France and Nepal), has climbed countless mountains, made friends and went through many experiences.

Born in Paraná-Brazil, the sportsman is passionate about nature and has as hobbies reading, practicing Yoga and meditation. Fiamoncini, an adept of healthy eating life style, likes to explore the gastronomy and culture of each and every place he visits.


Fiamoncini has acquired a deep experience in trekking and climbing around the world exploring remote areas and meeting new cultures are two passions that move his soul. Organized but adventurous, he likes to travel without a pre-defined route.”

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